Field of Expertise

Inheritance Law & Corporate succession

Inheritance Law & Corporate succession

Inheritance law includes all private-law provisions on the transfer of the inheritance from the deceased to his legal successor.

In particular, inheritance law includes regulations on

  • legal succession
  • disclaimer
  • last will and testament
  • inheritance contract
  • inheritance tax
  • inheritance certificate procedure
  • collection of inheritance certificate
  • right to a compulsory portion and supplementation of a compulsory portion
  • claims for information against the heirs and third parties
  • valuation of the estate
  • community of heirs rights and duties of the co-heirs in the community of heirs
  • dissolution of the community of heirs and drafting of settlement agreements
  • execution of wills


Lawyer / Specialist for inheritance Law / Local Partner
In addition to general civil law and business administration law, Dr. Engelhardt's practice focuses in particular on the areas of inheritance law/corporate succession as well as trademark and competition law.