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Our Team

Selection of specialties

Lawyer / Mediator & Managing Partner
Mirko Benesch, lawyer, is mainly active in the field of commercial law. He advises companies specifically in the areas of gambling and catering law as well as commercial and corporate law.
Lawyer / Specialist for Administrative Law / Data Protection Supervisor / Partner
Mr. Röll, lawyer, is the head of the Heidelberg office. A special focus of his work is on (commercial) administrative law as well as criminal law and the law of administrative offenses.
Lawyer / Specialist for inheritance Law / Local Partner
In addition to general civil law and business administration law, Dr. Engelhardt's practice focuses in particular on the areas of inheritance law/corporate succession as well as trademark and competition law.
Lawyer for real estate and labor law
Nicole Hytrek specializes in particular in the areas of real estate law as well as (commercial) tenancy and residential property law. She also specializes in employment law.
Lawyer / Specialist for banking and investment law / Data Protection and anti-money laundering Supervisor / Compliance Officer
The emphasis of Mr. Riess', lawyer, work is on general civil law as well as commercial administrative law, he in particular supervises on M&A, compliance and data protection.
Dr. Roland Hoffmann, lawyer, is part of our public law/administrative law department. The focus of his work is, among other things, on gambling and sports betting law as well as construction law.
Mr. Königstein, lawyer, practices primarily in the area of (commercial) administrative law, trade law as well as European and constitutional law.
Mr. Ebner, lawyer, supports our unit for civil law and corporate law.

Scientific Department

The scientific support of our lawyers is provided by the following research assistants mainly on issues of civil and administrative law.

Dr. Gabriel Jakob
Research Assistant
Herr Jakob studierte Rechtswissenschaften an der Alberts-Ludwig-Unvisersität Freiburg und der Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. Im Jahr 2019 schloss Herr Jakob sein juristisches Studium mit Prädikat ab. Herr Jakob unterstützt unser öffentlich - rechtliches Team in allen Bereichen des Wirtschaftsverwaltungsrechts.
Christopher Berg
Research Assistant
Mr. Berg studied law at the Alberts-Ludwig University in Freiburg. Mr. Berg graduated from law school with honors in 2019 and, in addition to working at our law firm, is pursuing a doctorate in European transformation law.
Nikolai Kühner
Research Assistant
Mr. Kühner studied law at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg as well as at the University of Windsor and graduated with honors in 2021. In addition to working at our law firm, he is pursuing his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg. The main focus of his studies was tax law.
Vanessa Marrone
Research Assistant
Ms. Marrone studied law at the Alberts-Ludwig-University Freiburg and graduated with honors in 2021. Since February 2021, she has been simultaneously pursuing her doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krebber, LL.M. at the University of Freiburg in the field of employment law.