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Training & Social Concepts

The State Treaty on Gambling stipulates that operators and agents of public gambling are obliged to encourage “their” players to gamble responsibly and thus prevent the development of gambling addiction. For this reason, operators of gaming arcades, for example, are required to set out in a so-called social concept for each individual license the measures they intend to take to prevent the “socially harmful effects of gambling”. Slot machine operators wishing to apply for a license pursuant to § 33c of the German Trade Regulation Act (GewO) are also obliged, like other forms of gambling (sports betting operators or lottery brokers), to submit a social concept to the authorities when submitting their application.

Since September 01st, 2013, which means since the new version of § 33c § 2 GewO, it is also incumbent on applicants who apply for a permit to commercially set up (e.g. in restaurants) “gambling machines” to submit a social concept. If this is not submitted, an installation permit will not be issued.

The preparation of social concepts for arcade operators, restaurant owners, slot machine operators and other forms of gambling (e.g. betting operators) is now carried out by the Gambling Academy, which has been spun off from the firm. Likewise, the Gambling Academy takes over the training of arcade employees and the employees of sports betting offices.


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Mirko Benesch, lawyer, is mainly active in the field of commercial law. He advises companies specifically in the areas of gambling and catering law as well as commercial and corporate law.