Field of Expertise



Companies worldwide are confronted with a large number of laws to be considered, with violations being sanctioned by increasingly severe penalties such as fines and asset forfeitures.

Keeping track of this “regulatory jungle”, averting dangers before they materialize and providing clients with a customized compliance system is the aspiration and goal of our compliance department.

Our compliance team is made up of experts from all areas of law that need to be observed, who can draw on many years of professional experience.


Lawyer / Specialist for Administrative Law / Data Protection Supervisor / Partner
Mr. Röll, lawyer, is the head of the Heidelberg office. A special focus of his work is on (commercial) administrative law as well as criminal law and the law of administrative offenses.
Lawyer / Specialist for inheritance Law / Local Partner
In addition to general civil law and business administration law, Dr. Engelhardt's practice focuses in particular on the areas of inheritance law/corporate succession as well as trademark and competition law.
Lawyer / Specialist for banking and investment law / Data Protection and anti-money laundering Supervisor / Compliance Officer
The emphasis of Mr. Riess', lawyer, work is on general civil law as well as commercial administrative law, he in particular supervises on M&A, compliance and data protection.