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Data Protection

Data Protection

The increasing digitization and networking of our world presents not only a wide range of advantages, but also numerous disadvantages. The risk of misuse of personal data has caused European and national legislators to “reinvent” data protection law and adapt it to current data protection risks.

The result is a colorful compendium of obligations for everyone who comes into contact with personal data in the corporate sector. In
Germany, this plethora of obligations is strictly monitored and, if necessary, severely sanctioned by the respective state data protection commissioners.

Data protection was already an important topic for all entrepreneurs before the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on May 25th, 2018. However, with the EU GDPR, the uniform Europe-wide data protection law applies in Germany in a legally binding manner, which for the most part overrides the previous German data protection regulations. A new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) also applies. For data controllers, the new regulations also mean that they are accountable to the data protection authorities for compliance with data protection rules. For every entrepreneur but also associations, this regulation promises a duty requiring action.

The implementation of the data protection regulations in companies and associations is mandatory, otherwise extreme cases fines may be imposed. However, the need for action is individual for each company and association. A customized concept, is not only important for the economical use of data, but also in particular for cost and risk reduction, specifically adapted to the respective processor.

Our team of experienced data protection specialists helps our clients to make their business “data protection compliant” in order to avoid fines.


Lawyer / Specialist for Administrative Law / Data Protection Supervisor / Partner
Mr. Röll, lawyer, is the head of the Heidelberg office. A special focus of his work is on (commercial) administrative law as well as criminal law and the law of administrative offenses.
Lawyer / Specialist for inheritance Law / Local Partner
In addition to general civil law and business administration law, Dr. Engelhardt's practice focuses in particular on the areas of inheritance law/corporate succession as well as trademark and competition law.
Lawyer / Specialist for banking and investment law / Data Protection and anti-money laundering Supervisor / Compliance Officer
The emphasis of Mr. Riess', lawyer, work is on general civil law as well as commercial administrative law, he in particular supervises on M&A, compliance and data protection.